We charge £495 for your evening entertainment.


From our Gallery, you will see that our set-up surpasses any other supplier at this price range.  Two eighteen inch subs and four 15 inch speaker tops provide awesome, crystal clear sound.  We’ll install a stunning booth and mixing station and a cracking light show ranging from soft early evening to full on disco lighting.  We use club standard lasers for that added WOW factor and, where the venue permits, we have a haze machine to add effect and atmosphere.  A knock-out show and amazing value.


The price includes DJ hire and transportation. There is no VAT to add. For long distance events we may need to factor modest expenses, but we will agree this in advance with you where relevant.  Our kit is PAT tested and of the highest order.  We only use industry leading equipment such as Pioneer and JBL.  Our DJs carry Public Liability Insurance to 10 million pounds and, uniquely, we reserve two DJs to events as this adds to the atmosphere and provides you with back up.  We can mix off CD, USB, vinyl and advanced software, such as Ableton and Traktor.  Our mixing is seamless - no uncomfortable pauses or sound clashes between records and we avoid constant 'cheesy' talk-overs!


We are full time professional DJs and cater for prestigious events.  Our rates represent exceptional value given the standard of equipment and level of service we provide.  A cheap DJ is precisely that.  You risk ruining your special occasion with budget or 'add-on' DJs and it's often the case that 'cheap' DJs don't turn up if they get a better offer.  You are in safe hands with us and a signed booking form is provided.  Before you pay a deposit to anyone else, arrange a no obligation meeting with us to properly assess your options.  If you've already paid a deposit that doesn't mean you are committed if you feel we can bring extra class to your occasion; simply stand them down, it's proportionately a tiny sum to lose in order to gain a better event!


We can of course discuss discounted rate packages for preferred supplier, bulk and residency work.