Can we send you a playlist?

Yes, of course!

How do we book you?

We take a £100 deposit per standard booking and e mail you a signed booking form.  We are often booked a year or two in advance and so it's best to get in touch early to ensure we're available and to keep the current rate.

We've found cheaper DJs, will you price match?

We don't need to compete on price and you should be wary of anyone who has to.  Is it really worth risking your special occasion?  Our rates are exceptional value for a professional, quality service and a visually stunning set-up.  We are happy to discuss rates for regular and preferred supplier status bookings.

Why shouldn't we use the venue or the band's resident DJ?

It is your event and you have to feel assured and comfortable with who is right for you.  There are some great bands with whom we work, but bands have limited, fixed set lists and times, whereas as a good DJ has thousands of records, a great light show, will take requests and play the whole evening.  If a band offers a DJ service then it is usually one of the band members with laptop and not a professional, full time DJ.  Please be wary of 'add-on' DJs in any given situation, especially DJs as part of 'the package'; they are usually poor quality and cheap so that the venue can make a mark-up on what they charge you.  This is a helpful article on the subject:


Can you work with our band?

Absolutely - we tend to arrive and set up before the band so that it's easy for them to set up when they arrive.  We provide background music until they are ready, we can play during their set break and then bring the night home for you with the disco!

What time should we start the disco?

Generally speaking, not too early.  It will be too light outside for the disco lights to have full effect. Evening guests like time to settle in and have a few drinks.  Think of parties and weddings you have been to - making sure enough guests are invited and not starting the disco too early will help a great deal.  We've played thousands of gigs and the discos that last three - four hours with lots invited (especially in big venues) are always more vibrant than those lasting five - six hours.  We arrive and set up in good time on the evening and will play perfect background music for you until you are ready for the disco.

What time do you play until? 

We've found over the years that midnight is about the best time to wind down as people are tired or have started to leave and so it can be a bit 'thin' going on too late.  For weddings especially, it's wise not to have the ceremony too early in the day either.  Starting the day too early and finishing it too late simply exhausts your guests and leads to a tired atmosphere.  We quote to midnight but can be flexilbe of course and will play through to the early hours if the mood is right!   We'll discuss fees in advance with you in the circumstances.

Can we book you for the daytime as well to provide background music?

For sure.  We often do this and have an outstanding catalogue of ambient music to provide the backdrop through the afternoon.  To attend during the day and the evening obvioulsy classes as an extended booking and so the standard fee is x2, but we do create a unique chilled soundtrack to your event and guests always ask for our playlists!  As versatile DJs we can change genre and direction to reflect the mood during arrival, during dinner (although we set appropriate music and absent ourselves during dinner so as not to interfere with the intimacy of the occasion) and through to the disco.  This avoids you having to endure fixed background CDs or an i-pod on shuffle.  We often provide our mic and PA for speeches and singers as well.

How do we book you for overseas events?

This is really easy.  We take all of our music digitally and liaise with your venue to ensure they have appropriate equipment.  If the venue doesn't have kit we can use our contacts.  We simply require an economy return flight and modest accommodation for the night.  Our standard fee is charged on top of expenses.  Having English speaking UK DJs to liaise with and play has provided many of our clients with clearer communication, reassurance and peace of mind.  Spending a fortune on an overseas event but having things ruined by poor sound, light, music, mixing and decorum will stay with you forever.

Our friend will DJ, can we just hire kit from you?

Getting a friend/family member to play is a massive risk.  Unless they are doing this sort of work every single week like we are then they will not have the set-up, experience, skills and instinct that a professional, full time DJ does.  If it doesn't go well, this is very awkward! Besides, they should be relaxing and enjoying the night with you, not working and stressing over all the different requests from guests, as well as observing the different legalities and health and safety requirements.  They will also need to obtain and pay for Publlic Liability Insurance and appropriate PAT certificates.  We of course have these.  We don't become intoxicated when working for you either.  Having a great event is all about engaging the right professionals and eliminating potential risk and worry. 

Can we hire you just to DJ, without kit hire?

Yes, of course, we do this regularly where the venue already has equipment.

Are you available for residency or agency work?

Yes, we regularly work in this capacity, whether for mainstream or specialist music.

Do you supply for Christmas parties?

Yes, every year we play virtually every night throughout Decemeber, sometimes catering for two or three different events in one evening.  Contact us to disucss specific rates.

Can you recommend any other suppliers to help with our event?

Absolutely.  Please make the most of the trusted contacts we have built up over many years. 

Can we meet with you?

Certainly!  We love walk and talk through your options and requirements.

We are thinking of having a DJ in our restaurant, how does that work?

Having a resident DJ to play at restaurants is something catching on with forward thinking establishments (Severnshed, Cafe Syndey, Burger & Lobster, Aluna..amongst many).  It works really well as an additional feature and focus to the evening, either with just background music, or more up beat after food service in order to keep guests in longer.  We can pop in for a chat and to look at logistics, just let us know.

We are looking at developing a sophisticated music element to our venue, can you help?

Sure.  Many hotels around the world (eg W Hotels) are now seeing this as an essential way of attracting and keeping customers, enhancing brand identity and providing something different. We can oversee all elements of this for you in terms of on line music, tasteful complimentary mixes for your guests and, of course, live in-house DJ sets, pool parties, garden parties, roof top parties and so on.  The same principle applies with bars, clubs, gyms, salons, fashion outlets and so on.  We've curated soundtracks for various bars, gyms and hotels.

Can you cater for larger scale events?

Yes, please let us know your requirements and we'll discuss production and budget.

If you have any other queries or questions, just call or email via the Contact tab!